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Tip to Enhance Your Meditation Practice and Awakening

I recently discovered a very simple technique that made a profound difference in my meditation practice. Instead of trying to stop my thoughts, which is a form of control and another aspect of spiritual ego, I found that all I had to do was switch from being the...

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PTSD & Anxiety Eraser

PTSD & Anxiety Relief! PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & Anxiety can be debilitating, but there is a solution. The PTSD & Anxiety Eraser is a quick, 12 minute long, audio process that brings you relief from the uncomfortable emotions and Anxiety...

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Spiritual Benefits of Relaxation

In relaxation, your brain waves first move to the alpha level, just a peaceful relaxation, the kind you get daydreaming, in a hot bath at the end of the day, enjoying a favorite hobby, listening to peaceful music,meditating. Over 3000 studies have been done proving...

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The Mind-Body Connection to Conquer Challenges

We all have a physical body, emotional body and mental body and they all influence each other. I'm sure you've had the experience where alot of mental stress (mental) makes your irritable (emotional) and exhausted (physical), or when eating too much sugar (physical)...

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Huna Breathing Techniques for Grounding, Energizing and Calming

There are four phases to the breath: 1) Inhalation 2) Pause 3) Exhalation and 4) Pause again before your next inhalation. By controlling these phases you can activate and increase different energies to support you in whatever you need to do. As you begin to understand how this works, you will realize how powerful and useful this simple technique can be.
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