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The Key to Your Subconscious – Images, Feelings and Metaphors

guided imageryYour subconscious contains all of your memories, emotions, beliefs, programs, habits, preferences and drives. It controls all functions of your body, heals and balances you when you’re sleeping. It is the gateway to your other dimensions of your being: your spiritual energy, past lives, akashic record, parallel lives, your mythic reality, symbolic reality, transpersonal reality.  Your subconscious is really running the show. Or is it? Your subconscious mind has all this power, but takes its orders from your conscious mind. The thing is, most of us don’t know this and give the subconscious mixed signals. So how good would it be if you intentionally let your subconscious mind know what you want and if you could understand the messages the subconscious was giving you?

Two keys to influencing the power of your subconscious:

1) Understand that your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is imagined. The classic example is to think, right now, of a lemon. A bright yellow, beautiful lemon. In your imagination, cut the lemon open and get a whiff of that lemon scent. Squeeze the lemon into your mouth and feel all the juice, tangy sourness, spreading through your mouth….. chances are, if you are really doing this exercise, by now you are salivating and you are really feeling the sourness of the lemon. Your subconscious treated the experience as real and your body responded.

2) Your subconscious speaks in images, feelings and metaphors. You were able to affect your subconscious mind only with the image of a lemon.  So, to give direction to your subconscious it is important to visualize what you want. Also, be aware of the images and metaphors your subconscious is sending you to get your attention on an important matter, to guide you, warn you, help you. They can come in the form of dreams, images, hunches, songs that spontaneously go through your head and even words.

So, putting these two things together, you can see how guided imagery, mind/body healing and hypnosis works. First, you relax. When you are in alpha brain wave level, in a state of relaxation, your conscious and subconscious start to merge and the communication is stronger. The subconscious is more open to learning and your conscious is less judgmental. Second, know exactly what you want and get a clear experience of it being true.  The more vivid the experience, the stronger the communication. Tell your subconscious what you want in positive, clear terms. This is the mental reality. Feel what you will be feeling when what you want is true. This is the emotional reality. See what you will be doing when what you want is true. This is the physical reality.  Together, you are giving your subconscious a clear order, one that it understands, one that is extremely powerful.

It is a good idea to get to know your subconscious. A magnificent Huna technique is to ask your subconscious what it wants its name to be – then whatever you get back, that is the name you call it. Get to know it. It is like a little child and will work best with you if you appreciate it and treat it gently. It is important to get its attention and three is a magic number. If you repeat something three times, your subconscious knows you mean business! Take three deep breaths, greet it, let it know what you want…three times. Thank it and send it love. Ask it questions. “What does my body need right now?” You might get a picture of an orange since your body needs vitamin c, or a walk outside since your body needs exercise and oxygen, or a picture of a hot bath and some downtime. “Why do I keep overeating?” You might get a childhood memory that comes up, a metaphor, a picture of anxiety and stress. “Where did I leave my car keys?” Remember, after communicating with your subconscious, always thank it and send it love.

It takes time sometimes to create a good relationship, because your subconscious is used to you just going on about this and that, giving it mixed messages, getting angry at it, fantasizing, etc. As you start to develop a more cooperative relationship with your subconscious and you start to communicate with positive intent, you will discover a whole world of possibilities opening before you – healing, clearing, discovering, creating. It is very exciting!

Huna Breathing Techniques for Grounding, Energizing and Calming

Huna breathingThere are four phases to the breath: 1) Inhalation 2) Pause 3) Exhalation and 4) Pause again before your next inhalation. By controlling these phases you can activate and increase different energies to support you in whatever you need to do. As you begin to understand how this works, you will realize how powerful and useful this simple technique can be. I learned this Huna breathing technique in a training from the Huna Research Institute.

Looking at the picture, we see four elements and the four phases of the breath. The way to increase one energy in particular is to change the ratio of the breath.

An even ratio would be 1:1:1:1. Breathing in this way you would take a slow deep breath inhaling for one count, pausing for one count, exhaling for one count, pausing for one count before your next breath. Always place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth when breathing intentionally like this. If each breath was 4 seconds, then you would inhale for four seconds, pause for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, pause for four seconds. Everyone is different. Perhaps you’re more comfortable with a three second breath, or two, or five. Find what works best for you.

So, breathing in an even ratio of 1:1:1:1 would be balancing.

If you want to increase your energy, you increase the Fire element 2:0:1:0. This is known as the fire breath and would increase the fire element in you, energizing you. I also think it would increase your metabolism and burn blood sugar, but that is for you to find out.

If you want to calm yourself, use 1:1:2:0. This type of breathing is often used in Yoga and has been called the Breath of Enlightenment. It is very relaxing.

To ground yourself, increase the Earth element 1:1:1:2.

Practice with different ratios and combinations to find out what works best for you. As with anything Huna, you are the one who decides what works best for you not someone else.

Center Yourself Anytime and Anywhere

Being CenteredWe all know that being centered is a good thing. When you are centered, you are grounded. You bring your energy back into  your body out of your head and out of projecting into the world. You are more able to respond to life instead of react since you are more present and aware.  In Huna, the fourth principle is Manawa – now is the moment of power. When you are centered, you are more confident and free because you have more choices. You are running your life instead of being on auto-pilot because you are more in the now moment in your heart instead of reacting to every thought that flies through your head. You feel peaceful and stress diminishes. Your perspective changes and is more open. You feel more loving and more loved since your are more in harmony with yourself and the world.

Nice! But how to get there, especially in these hectic, instant communication, overwhelming information, demanding days we currently live in?

For me, I turn once again to Huna. Huna is a modern term for a very ancient system of healing and spiritual development. It is believed to be over 35,000 years old and part of the original teachings of the earth centered in the Pacific. It is very pure and very powerful since the teachings have been virtually untouched by dogma since they were hidden for thousands of years. Huna literally means ‘secret’.

A Huna technique that will center you quickly is called Huna piko piko centeringpiko-piko breathing. Piko means center, so piko-piko means center-to-center. To do piko-piko breathing you take a deep, satisfying breath and put your attention as you inhale on the top of your head, your crown chakra. As you exhale you put your attention on your navel area, called the dan tien in martial arts. You don’t have to do anything special, just gently focus your attention on those areas as you breathe.

You can do this breathing technique no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. It is very useful in stressful situations, when you need to feel more like Who you are, when you want to feel peace, and I’ve found it to be very effective in helping me get to sleep at night or back to sleep if I wake up full of thoughts. You will find that the more you do it, the more quickly you become centered and the more deeply centered you become.