Inner PeaceThis powerful yet easy program consists of three steps.  After you have gone through the steps, you will be able to quiet your mind at will, by yourself, anytime, anywhere.

1) First, guided by the Piko Piko Training.MP3, you will learn an ancient Huna breathing technique called piko piko breathing that grounds you, centers you and opens you to your highest spiritual energies.

2) Second, you will practice piko piko breathing with the Piko Piko Practice MP3. It is important to practice this technique until it feels comfortable and natural to you. It feels good and you’ll really enjoy this step.

3) Third, you will learn another ancient Huna eye relaxing technique called hakalau. At the same time that you are being guided through learning this technique, I will be using neurolinguistic programming to anchor and stack the new hakalau state with the piko piko breathing, and programming your subconscious to trigger both states at the same time whenever you take a deep breath and say the word, ‘peace’. In this way you get the benefits of both states at once, very easily and quickly whenever you wish. This magic happens in Inner Peace Process Training.MP3.

As you use the Inner Peace Process and quiet your mind, you’ll also notice your emotions are calmer since they are triggered by your thoughts. If you’re telling yourself an angry, sad or fearful story in your head, you’re going to feel angry, sad, or afraid as long as you keep feeding yourself those thoughts. When you quiet your mind, you stop feeding those emotions so the peace goes deep. Without distracting judgments, programs and filters, your natural state of joy, love and wonder starts to emerge and you find yourself enjoying life more and more.  You will also notice that this state encourages intuitive insights, and enhances awareness in the present moment.

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