Loving ♥ Yourself


There is nothing more important on your path than loving yourself. But it can be so difficult to do.


Now, you can heal the blocks that prevent you from loving yourself!


Loving YourselfAll change begins within. For those of us who struggle with poor self-esteem and a poor self-image, the world can be a difficult place as we keep on trying but never seem to get anywhere. The answer is to finally heal the inner wounded child and it is done with your own energy.

This meditation uses the powerful technique of rising above your time line to energetically change your experience of being loved so you finally heal once and for all. The more you use it, the more you heal. You won’t have to go through life feeling unappreciated, or worse, trying to fill the hole in your heart with substances.


“Thank you so much for this process! Everytime I listen to it I feel better. Amazing!” – RJ

“This is effortless and it works!” – ES

“This makes me feel so relaxed and whole. Thank you.” – FF

During this meditation you will get in touch with your inner child and the woundedLoving Yourself energy you carry inside you. Only you can provide yourself with the healing you need. It can’t come from without. You will finally harmonize and restore that wounded energy and enjoy the shift it creates, giving yourself the love and validation you seek. You can make right what was once wrong. Once you start receiving your own love and validation, you can stop looking to others or substances to fulfill these needs and feel wholeness and completeness through the power of your own heart.

Fill the emptiness within you with love.

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